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June 7, 2012
Ryma Awarded Patent for Customer Feedback Methodology

Algorithm enables product managers to collect greater amount of customer feedback and rank information

MONTREAL, Québec – June 7, 2012 –Ryma Technology Solutions Inc., the leader in product management software solutions, have been awarded a patent for a new customer feedback methodology that increases the amount of information collected from clients and then ranks it using a complex algorithm.

“At Ryma, we are always working on innovative features to better serve the needs of Product Managers,” said Michel Besner, President and CEO, Ryma. “With this new patent, we will be able to provide our customers with a powerful new tool that improves the way they of obtain and analyze customer feedback.”

Ryma’s patented methodology helps increase the number of participant responses by decreasing the amount of time required for a person to respond to a survey. This is achieved by presenting each participant with a selection of survey questions instead of a complete survey. By increasing the number of responses to each question, the company is given a superior amount of feedback on their products and services.

The methodology also employs sentiment analysis of the data collected from surveys, which ranks the information. This allows product managers to better understand what customers like and dislike in a product, and how they would like to see it evolve.

“Customer surveys are one of the most widely-used and effective means to obtain customer feedback,” said Andre Levesque, CTO, Ryma. “By integrating this patented technology into FeaturePlan, companies will be better able to determine how a product should evolve – for example, which features would be a welcome addition to a product or which performance issues need to be addressed in the next version.”

About Ryma Technology Solutions Inc.

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