Product Portfolio

Driving Success in Product Management

Ryma provides integrated solutions that ensure success in the management of your product portfolio - from inception through to the end of the product lifecycle.

Through our industry-leading product line, we provide enterprise-class technology that covers the tools needed for effective product management, product marketing, product portfolio management, and requirements management.

The 7 Pillars of Collaborative Product Management

The 7 Pillars of Product Investment Management

Ryma solutions are based on its seven pillars of product portfolio management; a patent-pending methodology that defines the steps needed to develop and launch a successful product.

From Market Sensing through to Launch Definition, each pillar is accompanied by a collection of powerful best practices. Based on everything from the Pragmatic Marketing framework to Six Sigma to Stage Gate, these pillars can be adapted to meet your specific business needs.


Designed to help everyone involved in the product lifecycle, FeaturePlan™ allows your company to have better visibility and deliver better products faster to market. Whether hosted onsite or in the cloud, our integrated solution provides all the capabilities needed for:

  • Market sizing
  • Gathering customer feedback
  • Prioritizing R&D investments
  • Writing market and product requirements
  • Ranking features
  • Defining roadmaps
  • Building launch plans


A feedback management solution, IdeaScope helps in the development of high-value software solutions by providing greater insight into the needs of your customer base. It easily collect customer requests and enables collaboration by customers and user groups with your company. more...