Our Customers

The collective voice of our customers is one of our greatest assets. Through our customers, we learn, evolve, and grow. Through our customers, we develop profound working relationships. Through our customers, we know we're on the right track. We have had the opportunity to work with some of the most successful companies in the world, whom we like to think of as partners. After all, success is a two-way street.

We have helped numerous organizations innovate and grow, and continue to improve.

Some of our customers include:

Customer Testimonials

Our customers may come from different industries, but they share the same goal - namely, to make sure that their products and offerings align with the wants and needs of their customers. Below are some customer testimonials that show how Ryma's complete integrated solution helped them innovate more quickly and accurately. You may find that some of our customers share the same challenges you encounter.

"FeaturePlan's ability to support the creation of custom templates, fields and reports, meant to us that we could adapt the tool to our internal processes, rather than the opposite. Last, we have been pleased establishing this relationship with Ryma, who have proven to be very responsive in meeting our requirements so far."

Pascal Fuld
Head of Product Management,
Sales & Trading Products

"Although numerous requirements management tools exist, few meet the needs of product managers in providing links from the market problem you are trying to solve right through to the finished release. Using FeaturePlan not only makes this possible it also challenges us to think about new ways we can solve problems and makes us focus truly on delivering value to our customers."

Alex Whittaker
Product Manager
Sales & Trading Products

"When we looked for a product management solution for our team, it had to be intuitive to use for our product management process and provide a collaborative environment for our company's stakeholders. We needed a way that could allow us to provide efficient, robust reporting capabilities and process flow management. FeaturePlan was the only product we evaluated that was designed for product managers that could provide us with the comprehensiveness that we required. FeaturePlan was simply more focused on the product management process than comparable offerings."

John Maddison
Director of Product Management and Operations
Trend Micro

"The data model inside FeaturePlan is fantastic... if you have multiple people, multiple products, and think across different releases, it has to be locked and loaded in a fairly rapid fashion, and FeaturePlan is the way to go."

Rami Habal
Senior Product Manager

"We needed to manage a strategic set of requirements across our software products in balance with the specificities presented by our clients, partners and prospects. FeaturePlan provides for product managers an elegant way of tracking solutions and enhancement requests across active accounts, as well as the way to later synthesize these varying requests into commonly directed needs for subsequent product development. Ryma Technology Solutions has highlighted the key steps associated with product lifecycle management that improves our ability to capture our software market drivers which in turn provides our development team with a leg-up on requirement analysis."

Hugh K. Richards
Vice President, Products
Quadrus Financial Technologies, Inc.

"Hummingbird’s use of FeaturePlan has allowed us to better manage our 60+ products and solutions by being able to easily manage, monitor and prioritize product inter-dependencies in a way that was not possible prior to its use. This alone has saved countless man-weeks in rework and has helped to reduce our omissions in our creation of our PRDs."

Stephen Feldman
Senior Product Manager

"AMX needed a technology solution that provides real-time collaboration and communication with our stakeholders - especially our customers. When customers submit enhancement requests, we consistently track and report back on them, always keeping the customer informed as to whether these features will be in the next release. With FeaturePlan, we can provide a centralized collaborative repository for product-related communication, which helps us stay in close contact with all our stakeholders. Our customers - as well as all the internal groups working on new releases - really appreciate that. FeaturePlan is a great fit for us."

Jim Hassman
Business Development Manager
AMX International

"Masstech experienced tremendous growth in a very short period, so we needed to implement a formal product management process quickly. We also required a central repository with which to gather and analyze data, plan releases and products, as well as to collect ideas and enhancement requests from all levels of the company—from the customer to the CEO. FeaturePlan helped us not only manage the extreme amount of data that we had to process daily, but it also allowed us to collect enhancement requests and help us implement an automated product management solution. On top of that, the roadmapping and reports capability really enhance our strategic planning and "what if" analyses. We are delighted with the efficiencies and value-add that FeaturePlan has delivered."

Sudy Shen

"FeaturePlan helped us in two primary ways: by enhancing our product management process, and by providing opportunities for inter-departmental collaboration across the company. First, implementing FeaturePlan at Crossbeam really shot us ahead in terms of advancing our product management process. One of the key ways that it helped us was by forcing us to follow best practice product management processes. We were able to gather, process and organize the source information that we need to generate requirements – from customers, market, the field, etc. – into logical buckets.

With this enhanced organization and product management process, we were able to focus on actual customer problems first, rather than focusing on specific features. This in turn helped us work more collaboratively with engineering, to drive truly innovative solutions for customers. Our customers love that – we, in turn, love that FeaturePlan gave us the ability to do that."

Mat Mathews
VP Product Management

"Prior to using FeaturePlan, the version planning and release process at Satuit was disorganized and chaotic. FeaturePlan helped get our process under control. The automation of all our data, the customizable reports and the ability to enhance cross-company collaboration were among the key FeaturePlan attributes that helped us to set up a smooth process. FeaturePlan is a powerful application for managing your product suite that can fit the needs and budget for companies of all sizes."

Njal Larson
VP Product Strategy
Satuit Technologies Inc.

"As a result of using FeaturePlan, I expect that next year at this time there will be an on-going dialogue between product management and development throughout the year, rather than the periodic meetings. With FeaturePlan, we now also have an easily managed venue for customers and sales to provide product."

Brian Scheffer
Product Manager