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September 26, 2003
Configuresoft Provides their Team with an Edge on Requirements Management: Configuration Management Product Information at their Fingertips.

Configuresoft Inc., a developer of software that centralizes and automates configuration management for Windows/NT/2000/XP/2003 Networks, implements FeaturePlan™ Collaborative Server. It's the product life-cycle management software that will give Configuresoft's staff the tools they need to ensure that their products provide optimal coverage for their Fortune 5000 customers.

Configuresoft's Enterprise Configuration Manager (ECM) centralizes and automates the labor-intensive task of monitoring, managing, and auditing the hardware and software configurations of Windows systems deployed in large enterprise networks or Web server farms. ECM standardizes server and client configurations, and can automatically enforce compliance with policies to prevent security vulnerabilities, minimize downtime, and enhance system performance. ECM can identify and help correct configuration problems before users even know they exist. ECM Security Update Manager (SUM), an add-on module for ECM, automates security patch management by alerting administrators of new security bulletins issued by Microsoft, instantly assessing entire networks to detect vulnerabilities, and deploying required patches to all the target machines with a single mouse click.

Using FeaturePlan™, Configuresoft will be able to store and organize all their product information in one location and track requirements through the product management cycle giving their staff the tools to collaborate and increase efficiency.

“We needed a tool to organize and facilitate our requirements process. FeaturePlan™ gives our development, support and field staff the ability to view product enhancements, priority and release assignments. Everyone is plugged-in to the process, thus increasing the effectiveness of our releases.” stated Randy Streu, Vice President, Product Management, “The Implementation of FeaturePlan™ was smooth and successful. The support offered by Ryma is top-notch.

Built by product managers and designed specifically for product managers, FeaturePlan™ Collaborative Server distinguishes itself from other product life-cycle software by its ability to deliver truly market-driven product requirements all the way through the cycle, from customer input through development. FeaturePlan™ helps in the time-consuming tasks of gathering, organizing and managing requirements, allowing the user to view the status of work in progress and generate reports. Product managers can more easily determine product features based on market demand, competitive positioning, customer impact and development time and effort. The collaborative environment allows for input and sharing of information across many departments. It can also be restricted to product management or a chosen few individuals or departments.

About Ryma:

Ryma Technology Solutions Inc. is the first company to deliver a solution for Product Managers that employs best practices from the Pragmatic Marketing Framework. In addition to Ryma's flagship product, FeaturePlan, Ryma provides a full range of professional services that assist organizations in implementing market-driven best practices for their product management team. Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Ryma Technology Solutions is led by an experienced management team and serves a rapidly expanding customer base.