Press Releases
September 19, 2003
Ryma Technology Solutions’ Feature Plan™ Collaborative Server Empowers TrustMarque International to Become Market-Focused.

TrustMarque International, a powerful provider of secure payment processing solutions, has chosen FeaturePlan™ Collaborative Server as the product life-cycle software tool to house and manage their product information. FeaturePlan™ was implemented at both TrustMarque International’s Canadian and U.K. offices and is being used to manage their full range of products.

TrustMarque has become a leading payment processing specialist with solutions that manage transaction risk and enable electronic payment processing for web, call center and physical POS environments. Having easily implemented FeaturePlan™, TrustMarque’s Product Committee can effectively ensure that its product delivery is inline with customer expectations and with TrustMarque’s own business objectives.

“Our customers require risk assessment solutions to prevent online fraud that are adapted to meet their concerns and requirements. We must be able to ensure that customizations are developed timely and efficiently without having to allocate precious time gathering information that should be at our fingertips. We also provide a comprehensive, payment-processing solution with the option for merchants to outsource their transaction processing to TrustMarque directly, along with a host of other value-added services. We required a robust system that not only organized our information, but also had the flexibility to sort and present the information, as we need to view it, specific for every customer. FeaturePlan™ organizes our information, makes it easily accessible, and gives us the market feedback we need in this competitive industry. Now we have the leverage to become truly market-focused.” Stated John Giannatsis, Director of Information Systems at TrustMarque.

FeaturePlan™ Collaborative Server was designed to differentiate itself from other product life-cycle software by its ability to deliver truly market-driven product requirements all the way through the product management cycle, from customer input through development. FeaturePlan™ serves in the tasks of gathering, organizing requirements, managing requirements and planning upcoming and future releases of products. The user is left with more time to view the status of work in progress and generate reports. Product managers can more easily determine upcoming and future product features based on market demand, competitive positioning, customer impact and development time and effort. The collaborative environment allows for input and sharing of information across many departments. Information sharing can also be restricted to a chosen few individuals or departments.