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July 5, 2010
Ryma Gets Social: Product Investment Management Provider Boosts Presence on Twitter, YouTube

MONTREAL, QUEBEC – July 2010 - Ryma Technology Solutions Inc. is channeling its expertise using social media networks, joining the conversation on Twitter, and launching a YouTube channel.

Additionally, Ryma is set to launch its GrandView community site in the coming months, placing a great deal of importance on the user community engaging in these effective social platforms.

“The product management community is using social media channels as a way to communicate, to participate, and to collaborate,” said Tomas Schmidt, VP Marketing at Ryma. “We felt it was imperative we joined the discussions on Twitter. We also thought it was important to create a YouTube channel to broadcast snippets of our successful webinar series. It’s all about making it easier for our community and customers to obtain information from us and exchange information with us.”

The Ryma YouTube channel will feature 5-minute introductory segments of the popular Ryma-sponsored Product Management View (PMV) webinar series, the world's largest free online repository of product management best practices webinars. The full versions will be able to be viewed in their entirety on the GrandView community site.

Ryma believes this is only the beginning of its social media strategy.

“We are looking into different channels that will help us better serve our customers, and the product management community at large,” said Schmidt. “There are boatloads of social media channels out there, and we are doing our due diligence to ensure our target market is immersed in the channels we participate in.”

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