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October 15, 2010
GrandView Community Site Aims to be Leading Source for Product Management Best Practices

MONTREAL, QUEBEC – October 15, 2010 - Ryma Technology Solutions Inc. is excited to announce the launch of its redesigned GrandView community site, the leading product management and product marketing community that will provide a comprehensive resource on product management best practices. To commemorate its 5th anniversary, the GrandView community site has been completely redesigned and will offer many new benefits to anyone involved in product development, product planning, and product innovation – from industry experts and innovators, to product managers and marketers.

“The previous site was quite successful in establishing GrandView as the go-to destination for the product management community to gather industry best practices information,” says Tomas Schmidt, VP of Marketing at Ryma. “The redesigned GrandView site will offer a new level of access to our growing community, and more importantly, engage them to discuss trends, innovation, and collaborate on best practices.”

As viewed by thousands of community members to date, the popular Product Management View webinar series, the largest online source of recorded product management best practices with hundreds of archived webinars, will continue to be a staple of the GrandView community site. Additionally, the Communities of Practice (CoP) discussion forum, Product Management Blogroll, and ProductCamp news section will cater to all individuals and organizations who are involved in the product management process. It will also provide a central hub for discussion and collaboration around what’s trending in the product management community.

Please visit the GrandView site:

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