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August 9, 2010
Ryma’s New Modules Make FeaturePlan 3.4 Powerful Overall Solution for Product Planning Teams

MONTREAL, QUEBEC – August 9, 2010 - Ryma Technology Solutions Inc. upgraded its popular flagship product management technology solution, FeaturePlan. Version 3.4 combines Web 2.0 functionality and more flexible capabilities for users, providing an all-encompassing product management tool.

FeaturePlan 3.4’s modules were designed to make it easier for users to access, share, and track information in one common repository. The three new modules include an email, customer feedback portal, and CRM integration unit module.

“Our users wanted an all-in-one tool, and this is it,” said Hakan Kilic, Director of Product Marketing at Ryma. “Data and process integration are keys to better business. The FeaturePlan modules not only produce users with relevant market data from customers, it now helps them deal with an overflowing inbox and allows for greater collaboration between sales, marketing, and Product Managers.”

As email still remains the primary avenue in which stakeholders get requests, this feature allows users to easily send information directly from Outlook into FeaturePlan, with the capability to create and update enhancement requests and other records.

The CRM integration module supports the application and closes the gap between product management and sales to increase opportunity closure rates. It will also save users precious time by having all the information in one common platform.

The Customer Feedback Center that was a huge success in FeaturePlan 3.2 has been integrated into the customer feedback portal module. This feature will help to close the feedback loop and eliminate the black hole of enhancements by providing a tool for effective two-way communication between users and their customers.

Users will have a greater control or product level security, as product owners can now lock down and segregate their own products. Additionally, new customizable tab layouts and enhanced suite/product hierarchy options make FeaturePlan 3.4 the benchmark tool for Product Investment Management solutions.

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