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May 13, 2010
Calling All Executives: Argus Software’s Mark Kingston Explains How to Drive Value Across Your Enterprise as Part of Ryma’s CxO Webinar Series

MONTREAL, QUEBEC – May 13, 2010 – Developing internal capabilities to be more agile, adaptive, and proactive to customers and the market creates real enterprise value within the entire organization.

This is a hot topic for many executives, and Ryma is pleased to have Mark P. Kingston, CEO of Argus Software, discuss his insights into how he’s growing the overall enterprise value of his company. From hard lessons learned to the overall benefits for his organization, he will describe it from an executive’s perspective. Executives need to be involved with integrated product management initiatives, just as they are with CRMs, ERPs, and other types of managing systems. Mark understood this and was an early adopter who knew the importance these processes would have in product innovation.

“More and more, companies are looking to better integrate their business and product decisions across the company to avoid costly silos of information,” said Hakan Kilic, Director of Product Marketing at Ryma. “PM teams are increasingly being relied upon to provide the strategic link to drive tangible financial growth, and significantly higher levels of profitability. We are thrilled to have Mark talk about the challenges and successes he had with his integrated product management initiative.”

This webinar is part of Ryma’s exclusive CxO Webinar Event Series, designed to provide the latest market trends, insight into the drivers of transformational initiatives, and how you can benefit from integrated product management.

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