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September 23, 2008
Ryma Technology Solutions and VersionOne Announce Application Connector Bringing Project Visibility to Product Management and Project Stakeholders

Montreal – September 23, 2008 – Ryma Technology Solutions, the definitive authority and enabler of Integrated Product Management Solutions, has partnered with VersionOne, recognized by Agile practitioners as the leader in Agile project management tools. This partnership oversees the creation of a connector between the two companies’ respective applications: FeaturePlan and V1: Agile Enterprise. The FeaturePlan-VersionOne Connector is available for purchase at Ryma Technology Solutions’- This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Ryma Technology Solutions’ Flagship Product – FeaturePlan – forms the central point of the FeaturePlan-VersionOne Connector. In capturing and providing a single system of record for the voice-of-the market within a highly collaborative environment, this solution facilitates product management’s ability to anticipate market demands, cultivate opportunities and innovate products. Using VersionOne, all project stakeholders – including product managers, project managers, developers, product owners and software executives – can easily plan, track and report on new product features as they move through the development cycle via a highly intuitive user interface and multiple dashboards and reports.

“The FeaturePlan-VersionOne Connector facilitates collaboration between product management and software delivery teams to ensure product innovation is based on and supports the right market requirements,” said Rene Bellei, President and CEO at Ryma. “The application connector enables product managers to gain visibility and ongoing development status of product requirements, known as user stories in agile, being managed within the VersionOne Agile project management tool. It also provides visibility to the market-driven requirements managed by the product management community within FeaturePlan.”

“We are extremely pleased to partner with Ryma in announcing the FeaturePlan-VersionOne Connector,” said Robert Holler, CEO of VersionOne. “The solution enables an electronic transfer of requirements from FeaturePlan directly into VersionOne – eliminating the manual entry of user stories and backlog items in VersionOne. Of greatest value for product managers and other executive stakeholders is the visibility they now gain into the development of their product. They can see the progress of each feature and of the overall software release via instant access to visual dashboards and reports, no more guessing if a specific feature has made it into a release or if the release is on time.”

The status of each requirement is automatically synchronized between FeaturePlan and VersionOne. Software delivery teams now have visibility into the value and user benefit of each market requirement helping the team prioritize user stories during the planning of an iteration and release.

About VersionOne:
VersionOne is recognized by Agile practitioners as the leader in Agile project management tools. By simplifying the process of planning and tracking Agile software projects, we help development teams consistently deliver software faster.

Since 2002, companies such as Adobe, BBC, Siemens, Disney, Dow Chemical, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Sony, 3M and Business Objects have turned to VersionOne to help provide greater value to their customers. Today more than 10,000 teams and 70,000 users in 50 countries use VersionOne’s Agile project management tools to streamline and standardize their Agile development efforts.

Whether you’re a small team getting started with Agile development or a multi-team, global enterprise, with VersionOne you’ll get the best tools in the industry backed by pioneers in Agile project planning and management.

VersionOne. Start small. Scale smart. See for yourself at

About Ryma:
Ryma Technology Solutions develops and enables industry-leading Integrated Product Management Solutions that transition enterprises from a reactive product-management organization to the proactive industry leaders that deliver innovative products in stride with continuously evolving market demands. For more information visit: