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March 30, 2007
Webinar: Leveraging Support in Product Management

Industry Expert Christina Noren to discuss the benefits of combining support and product management in the product enhancement loop.

Montreal, Quebec – March 30, 2007FeaturePlan, requirements management software for Product Management, and co-sponsor of the community blog The Product Management View, today announced the next in a series of ongoing Webinars entitled entitled “Leveraging Support in Product Management” on April 4, 2007. Guest speaker Christina Noren, Vice President of Product Management & Support at Splunk Inc, will discuss the benefits of combining support and product management in the product enhancement loop.

This Webinar will address how following the unconventional model of a combined team of product management and support results in organizations being able to leverage more granular customer feedback into the product faster, ensure that customers are engaged in the design process, and close the loop with customers as new features are available to resolve longstanding issues. Christina will use Splunk Inc. as a case study to describe this business model, and will discuss some specific examples of features that came out of this approach.

More details on the content of the presentation can be found at GrandView.

“Christina has discovered a hidden solution to a well-known challenge,” says Russell Foy, VP Marketing and Sales of FeaturePlan, co-sponsor of The Product Management View. “Her experience at Splunk in dealing with this issue is a case study unto itself.”

Christina is a respected authority on enterprise log solutions and a hands-on product management executive immersed in large-scale data management, systems management, security information management and IT security compliance. She is forging an aggressive Splunk product roadmap to address the needs of availability, reporting and cost cutting in the modern IT organization. Christina previously held leadership positions at successful startups including SenSage (formerly Addamark Technologies), Portal Software and Sonic Solutions. Earlier in her career she was with Microsoft’s MSN group where she was directly responsible for MSN’s systems management infrastructure across all MSN properties and thousands of servers. Christina holds a B.A. in International Finance and Economics and a B.F.A. from the Dominican University of California.

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