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January 10, 2005
Ryma Technology Solutions Announces FeaturePlan 2.5 (EPM) Solution

New release of FeaturePlan™ enables superior enterprise-wide collaboration, communication and usability.

Montreal, Quebec – January 10, 2005 – Ryma Technology Solutions, Inc., the first to deliver an Enterprise Product Management (EPM) compliant solution for Product Managers, released today FeaturePlan Collaborative Server 2.5, which significantly improves the enterprise-wide collaboration, communication and usability of FeaturePlan in the definition phase of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).

“Today’s Product Managers are sophisticated and demand the ability to increase their collaboration and communication abilities with their key enterprise-wide stakeholders,” explained Rene Bellei, Chief Executive Officer of Ryma Technology Solutions. “At the same time, marketing, development and executive managers also are demanding the ability to access key product management information to satisfy their own management needs for successful market-driven products. With our commitment to continued usability improvements, this release of FeaturePlan is now truly the enterprise-wide application we have always envisioned it would become.”

FeaturePlan, which employs best practices from the Pragmatic Marketing® Framework, allows product managers to utilize a repeatable process to gather requirements, quantify problems and create market driven solutions effectively and efficiently in an intuitive, collaborative environment. With FeaturePlan Collaborative Server 2.5, product managers, development, marketing directors and C-level executives can now collaborate in a vastly more efficient and user-friendly manner during this critical phase of ALM.

Highlights of this release include the following capabilities:

“With new release of FeaturePlan, Configuresoft has been pleased with the ability to customize the data fields displayed though-out the product and allow key team members to be alerted when items of interest to them are modified,” explained Jason Sherry, Product Manager for Configuresoft. “In addition, the ability to quickly view how problem statements, requirements, and customer input are linked together saves time when researching the driving factors behind requirements. Lastly, we are looking forward to storing use case, design, and specification documents in the system moving forward.”

“FeaturePlan Collaborative Server 2.5 delivers on Ryma’s commitment to work closely with our market segment to ensure that they have the best tool to define, manage and launch successful products to their target markets,” said Russell Foy, Vice President Sales at Ryma. “With our solution, high-tech companies are able to leverage the world’s most successful product management process, the Pragmatic Marketing Framework, and automate it, allowing them to collaborate, organize, manage and communicate their market-driven solutions.”

About Ryma Technology Solutions, Inc.

Ryma Technology Solutions Inc. is the first company to deliver a solution for Product Managers that employs best practices from the Pragmatic Marketing Framework. In addition to Ryma's flagship product, FeaturePlan, Ryma provides a full range of professional services that assist organizations in implementing market-driven best practices for their product management team. Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Ryma Technology Solutions is led by an experienced management team and serves a rapidly expanding customer base.