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May 21, 2004
Invidex Gears Up for Aerodynamic Product Management with FeaturePlan™ Collaborative Server

Invidex Inc., an innovative provider of software-driven solutions for the broadcast industry , selects FeaturePlan™ to enhance the product management process of its patent pending enterprise software product called VideoLinxTM .

Invidex's VideoLinx™ is a unique Java-based solution designed specifically to reduce costs and maximize productivity of broadcast transmission operations. The enterprise software solution addresses all aspects of broadcast operations including: request for service, booking, scheduling, coordination, invoice reconciliation and reporting of broadcast transmissions. Using FeaturePlan™, Invidex can enhance its product management capabilities providing the broadcast industry with high-tech software products that helps broadcasters to reduce costs without negatively affecting the performance of their broadcast operations.

“Our customers have varying requirements. Whether they need to track the costs of their broadcast transmission operations or the availability of their transmission resources, we need to be on top of our game to ensure that we can give these individuals a software solution that covers their needs in the demanding environment of broadcast operations. By taking advantage of FeaturePlan™, we will be provided with an ear on the broadcast industry by its sheer data gathering, organization and analysis capabilities. It will enable us to change with the needs of the market to offer the most technologically advanced software products” s tated Jorge Tsuboyama - VP Marketing , Invidex, Inc.

Built by product managers and designed specifically for product managers, FeaturePlan™ Collaborative Server distinguishes itself from other product life-cycle software by its ability to deliver truly market-driven product requirements all the way through the cycle, from customer input through to development. FeaturePlan™ helps in the time-consuming tasks of gathering, organizing and managing requirements, allowing the user to view the status of work in progress and generate reports. Product managers can more easily determine and prioritize product features based on market demand, competitive positioning, customer impact and development time and effort. The collaborative environment allows for input and sharing of information across many departments, but it can also be restricted to product management or even only a chosen few individuals.

About Invidex Inc.

Invidex is an innovative provider of software-driven solutions and services that enable the broadcast industry to reduce costs and increase revenues through improved management of broadcast video transmissions. Taking advantage of the latest software technologies, Invidex has developed VideoLinx TM , a Java-based enterprise software solution that enables broadcast transmission operations to reduce costs and maximize productivity by automating tasks and minimizing the duplication of data entry in disparate systems. To ensure the proper integration of VideoLinxTM into the broadcast environment, Invidex also provides professional services that assist customers to asses the migration strategy from the customer's existing mode of operation to a fully automated one.

About Ryma Technology Solutions, Inc.

Ryma Technology Solutions Inc. is the first company to deliver a solution for Product Managers that employs best practices from the Pragmatic Marketing Framework. In addition to Ryma's flagship product, FeaturePlan, Ryma provides a full range of professional services that assist organizations in implementing market-driven best practices for their product management team. Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Ryma Technology Solutions is led by an experienced management team and serves a rapidly expanding customer base.