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March 15, 2009
Ryma’s FeaturePlan Upgrade Integrates Valuable Customer Feedback Center Tool

MONTREAL, QUEBEC – March 15, 2009 - Ryma Technology Solutions Inc. released an upgrade to FeaturePlan, its popular flagship product management technology solution.

The enhanced FeaturePlan 3.2 version includes a new offering - Customer Feedback Center, which will help users open the communication channel with their customers, providing a platform for the Product Manger and the customer. The Customer Feedback Center also closes the feedback loop, presenting users and contributors with the capability to review the status of enhancements.

“The Customer Feedback Center has the potential to revolutionize the way product teams interact with their customers,” said Hakan Kilic, Director of Product Marketing at Ryma. “It eliminates the black hole of customer inputs and the frustration users experience by the lack of timely feedback.”

Additionally, two new features have been added: Reference Records will associate information with supporting records, allowing for the creation of reports containing all references for a given document. Meanwhile, the Quick Search function will permit users to run a global word search from within the main window, quickly singling out a particular record.

FeaturePlan 3.2 will also have an enhanced Contact Manager, with a redesigned contact browser and the introduction of a company record tab, which, among other benefits, offers the capability of separating contacts from users.

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